Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Never Give Up On The Good Times

I felt effortlessly beautiful today. Every girl could use days like this!






  • blank tank - Rave
  • leopard cardigan - Walmart
  • gray skirt w/ pockets - Rave
  • black flats - Walmart
  • pearl earrings - Forever 21

On a another note, I experienced my first earthquake today! It lasted only a few seconds but it was scary! I was confused at first because I thought someone was behind me shaking my chair lightly then when realized no one was there I felt it get stronger and heard my coworkers ask if anyone else could feel the ground moving. Needless to say, I packed up my stuff and prepared to dive underneath a table but it stopped as quickly as it started! I was shaking for a good 1/2 hour afterwards and some cellphones weren't working for a few hours after the quake. I hope we don't get anymore! The east coast can't handle it!!

Anyway, have a happy Tuesday!


KayTee said...


Dreek♥ said...

and you look the part too darling!! love the fit and thee hair!! and thank you for crackin me up on twitter from time to time..i be needin it!!

Ava E. said...

Oh! This is such a cute outfit! Esp. loving the Cardigan!

Black Butterfly said...

Thanks ladies! Dreek, I'm glad I can make you laugh!!