Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013

Across 110th Street

I spent the weekend in NYC with Maya and RJ for his birthday and, as always, it was epic. Good food and  great friends. And so much liquor.

 photo 001-27_zps528aaf4b.jpg

My first time trying Thai food and I'm officially a fan!
 photo 013-17_zpsad4c6602.jpg

 photo 022-13_zpsf3ac3771.jpg

Karoake helped us get a little nostalgic.
 photo 041-6_zpse21d0d9f.jpg

Putcha leg up, girl.
 photo 015-14_zps0350c13d.jpg

I thought this sign was hilarious!
 photo 043-4_zpsb4eaf739.jpg

 photo 049-3_zps077ca53b.jpg

 photo 050-1_zps5e292701.jpg

 photo 054-1_zps15d1c765.jpg

My favorite part of NY: Brunch and endless Mimosas!
 photo 059-1_zps6486aa98.jpg

The return of White Jay!
 photo 066-2_zps56a5c0ff.jpg

 photo 063_zps1b62b70e.jpg

 photo 064-3_zps03e9d319.jpg

 photo 088-1_zps6c9d605f.jpg
Hope your weekend was as amazing as mine! Happy inauguration day!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Retro Haul

On top of trying to be smarter about money in 2013, I've decided to lose this weight once and for all so I've gone on a shopping hiatus (tears, I know.) But not being able to shop gives me a chance to not only play with looks in my own closet but discover new ones in my basement! Other than being at each other's throats, we've been cleaning it out and luckily for me my mom came across her old clothes from high school and college. I just wanted to roll around in all the boxes of clothes but that's gross and I'm a lady.

Floral blazer
 photo 017-11_zps91b4f5dc.jpg

Mustard drawstring top (Its got a little peplum feel to it!)
 photo 014-16_zpsc3790ae1.jpg

 photo 016-14_zps1584a456.jpg

Prep style cardigan
 photo 003-34_zps052c36df.jpg

 photo 013-17_zpsdc15ba9c.jpg

Floral summer dress (My mom actually made this!)
 photo 001-27_zpscbec76bd.jpg

Houndstooth cropped jacket (She made this too!)
 photo 023-8_zpse1207cae.jpg

 photo 025-4_zps8d52be5e.jpg

Long floral printed romper (Another piece my mom made!)
 photo 022-13_zpsb2e372e2.jpg

Pink cardigan (This actually originally belonged to my great grandmother)
 photo 020-9_zpsbefdbada.jpg

Plaid skirt
 photo 026-7_zps5abaed0e.jpg

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Like A Moth To A Flame

I mentioned before that I normally work from home but every now and then it feels good to go into the office merely because it gives me the chance to finally get dressed for a change!






  • sweater - thrifted
  • button up - Old Navy
  • cropped pants - Old Navy
  • flats - Bamboo
  • earrings - Forever 21

Sunday, January 13, 2013







  • vest - thrifted
  • button up - H&M
  • leggings - H&M
  • boots - Payless
  • earrings - Toni Daley
  • necklace - Forever 21

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Vintage & Pink

This skirt reminds me of the 1920s, I love it so much! I thought I'd give a more edgy vibe with an off the shoulder sweater from Express and textured tights.





Tried a new look with flat twists.

  • top - Express
  • skirt - Forever 21
  • skinny belt - Forever 21
  • earrings - Park Lane Jewelry
  • tights - Wet Seal
  • shoes - Mandee's

Saturday, January 5, 2013