Thursday, January 17, 2013

Retro Haul

On top of trying to be smarter about money in 2013, I've decided to lose this weight once and for all so I've gone on a shopping hiatus (tears, I know.) But not being able to shop gives me a chance to not only play with looks in my own closet but discover new ones in my basement! Other than being at each other's throats, we've been cleaning it out and luckily for me my mom came across her old clothes from high school and college. I just wanted to roll around in all the boxes of clothes but that's gross and I'm a lady.

Floral blazer
 photo 017-11_zps91b4f5dc.jpg

Mustard drawstring top (Its got a little peplum feel to it!)
 photo 014-16_zpsc3790ae1.jpg

 photo 016-14_zps1584a456.jpg

Prep style cardigan
 photo 003-34_zps052c36df.jpg

 photo 013-17_zpsdc15ba9c.jpg

Floral summer dress (My mom actually made this!)
 photo 001-27_zpscbec76bd.jpg

Houndstooth cropped jacket (She made this too!)
 photo 023-8_zpse1207cae.jpg

 photo 025-4_zps8d52be5e.jpg

Long floral printed romper (Another piece my mom made!)
 photo 022-13_zpsb2e372e2.jpg

Pink cardigan (This actually originally belonged to my great grandmother)
 photo 020-9_zpsbefdbada.jpg

Plaid skirt
 photo 026-7_zps5abaed0e.jpg

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