Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I Promise The Best Is Yet To Come

I met up with a friend for some drinks and tacos on this awesome Tuesday. The weather was great and my legs were shaved so I pulled out a fun and colorful dress to wear for the occasion. I swear I'm in love with everything about this dress! The colors, the exposed zipper in front, the ruffles, and most definitely the fit! The shoes just pulled everything in for that clean and sophisticated look I've been going for.

Also, I'm in love with my fro today.

 photo 001_zps2f4bb6d2.jpg

 photo 012_zpsdc9e9b8e.jpg

 photo 006_zpse5e44505.jpg

 photo 011_zps0303eea5.jpg

 photo 003_zps206a7505.jpg

  • dress - Walmart
  • shoes - H&M
  • earrings - vintage

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Poppin' That Strawberry Bubblegum

Today, my sister and I went on another adventure like we normally do when the weather gets hot and we don't know how to act. We decided it was perfect to take the dog to get groomed, do a little food shopping at the farmer's market, and be a couple of mall rats. It's days like today that I'm reminded how much alike we are. (I should give her a shout out since she hates taking my pictures but I made her take these today, ha!)

I got so many compliments on my dress today it left my head a little bigger than usual. I already left the house feeling like hot stuff so you can only imagine the extra pep in my step by the time I got home.
 photo 028_zps81ac171d.jpg

 photo 026_zps294e794a.jpg

 photo 027_zps10fdbfa8.jpg

  • dress - Walmart
  • purse - thrifted
  • sandals - Forever 21
  • earrings - Aldo
  • sunglasses - Old Navy

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Oh You Fancy, Huh?

This dress reminds me of that Givenchy floral look and I love it!

 photo 031-14_zps4741d387.jpg

 photo 028-8_zpsd3f61792.jpg

  • dress - H&M
  • shoes - Prabal Gurung for Target

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I Came To Win

Okay okay I know I said I'd be showing more skin this year but this was for work! Cut me some slack, dammit! Geez, what's with the guilt trip?! I promise in the next post you will see more stretch marks *cough* I mean, skin.
 photo 002-36_zps7b47028a.jpg

 photo 004-39_zps4cdef872.jpg

Oh damn, attack of the duck face. Deal with it.
 photo 005-37_zpsee5e510b.jpg

 photo 006-29_zps2f7bbb27.jpg

 photo 007-30_zpsb6a82b5d.jpg

  • tee - Old Navy
  • skirt - Forever 21
  • shoes - Mandee's
  • blazer - Walmart

Friday, May 3, 2013

You Gettin' Murried, Gorl!

It's been a very hectic time for me but I've finally gotten around to posting a few outfit pics! Last Saturday, one of my best friends got married to her high school sweetheart! Unfortunately, I couldn't get my sister to stand still long enough to take a picture with me but overall it was an amazing end to a not so amazing week and I'm so grateful that I was able to be a part of it. Congratulations, Shannen and Enrique!

 photo 114_zpsd6074e7c.jpg

 photo 116-1_zps7e73e2f8.jpg

 photo 113-1_zpsc86a42fb.jpg

  • peplum dress - Walmart (I know, right?!)
  • shoes - H&M
  • clutch - Rugged Wearhouse
  • necklace - Bakers
  • earrings - vintage
The beautiful bride!

 photo 063_zps2f9fe9a0.jpg

The beautiful bridesmaid and maid of honor!
 photo 039-4_zps0314cb32.jpg

And, of course, my beautiful best friend
 photo 059-1_zpsca3e4447.jpg