Saturday, May 18, 2013

Poppin' That Strawberry Bubblegum

Today, my sister and I went on another adventure like we normally do when the weather gets hot and we don't know how to act. We decided it was perfect to take the dog to get groomed, do a little food shopping at the farmer's market, and be a couple of mall rats. It's days like today that I'm reminded how much alike we are. (I should give her a shout out since she hates taking my pictures but I made her take these today, ha!)

I got so many compliments on my dress today it left my head a little bigger than usual. I already left the house feeling like hot stuff so you can only imagine the extra pep in my step by the time I got home.
 photo 028_zps81ac171d.jpg

 photo 026_zps294e794a.jpg

 photo 027_zps10fdbfa8.jpg

  • dress - Walmart
  • purse - thrifted
  • sandals - Forever 21
  • earrings - Aldo
  • sunglasses - Old Navy

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