Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hey Hi How Ya Doin'?

 photo 015_zps787d4e10.jpg

 photo 017_zps123a1533.jpg

 photo 020_zps69b5b859.jpg

 photo 018_zps178a0245.jpg

 photo 016_zpsc31d7c29.jpg

 photo 019_zps8523405a.jpg

  • lace top -Express
  • cropped pants - Express
  • blazer - Walmart
  • shoes - Target

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pep In My Step

It hit 80 degrees today so like anyone else I lost my damn mind. I am in LOVE with the fit of this dress and now I feel like I need one in ever color and print. Only reason why I wore the blazer was because I was in the office today and I don't like visible bra straps. Y'all don't know, I'm about to LIVE in dresses all summer to make up for that little stunt I pulled last year (jeans and 90 degree weather don't mix. Tell ya mom I said so.) And with that, it is officially summer dress season!

 photo 002-36_zpsb2158d09.jpg

 photo 001-27_zps636481ab.jpg

  • blazer - Walmart
  • dress - Old Navy
  • shoes - Old Navy

Monday, April 8, 2013

Hey Girl Heeey

I was recently informed that I was losing my body inside my clothes and after taking a long look at my blog and my favorite pieces residing in my closet I realized they were right. I felt like I had to hide all the weight I had gained over the past couple of years behind flowy tops, sweaters and jackets in hot weather, and long skirts. I've been passing up awesome pieces I felt like I couldn't wear because my arms, legs, or stomach would show.
After my recent trip to Vegas (which was so desperately needed!) I realized that I'm still hot stuff and I need to show it! I went shopping this past weekend and bought everything I liked and I tossed out the whole "too fat to wear" mentality.

Introducing my spring/summer wardrobe in the making:

Tribal print dress from H&M
 photo IMAG0526_zpsd5385ce5.jpg
Floral dress from Old Navy
 photo IMAG0528_zpsf0c93a38.jpg
Lace crop top from H&M
 photo IMAG0527_zps0b207e86.jpg
Cut out dress from Express
 photo IMAG0529_zps2bfa8778.jpg
Ruffle dress from Walmart
 photo IMAG0531_zpscac759a3.jpg
Button up from Walmart
 photo IMAG0530_zps79b427e4.jpg
Blue pumps from H&M
 photo tumblr_mkwzkmqWuT1qc0grfo1_500_zps80f9ce53.jpg

Low wedge sandals from Old Navy
 photo IMAG05241_zps8ac29165.jpg
Sunglasses from Old Navy
 photo IMAG0525_zps22ef5ba8.jpg
I feel so damn good about summer this year!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Oh Baby!

My sister and I attended a good friend's baby shower yesterday. Yes, the prego bug is at it again.

 photo 030-3_zps58bf2659.jpg

 photo 032-2_zps7fbde5e9.jpg

 photo 033-3_zpse8ed6ba7.jpg

 photo 034-2_zps3413c210.jpg

  • blazer - Walmart
  • top - Loft
  • jeans - Walmart
  • loafers - Target
  • bag - Kmart

What Keema wore:
 photo 035-1_zps3ae0f9c5.jpg

 photo 036_zps1a1f9bdc.jpg

 photo 039-3_zps6ccc93dd.jpg

 photo 040_zpsda971124.jpg

What Suzi wore:
 photo 022-3_zpsb1662ebb.jpg

 photo 023-1_zps6460abcb.jpg

Something I thought was a really cute idea: All the guests write down advice for Suzi once her baby girl gets here.
 photo 013-6_zps1d351936.jpg

 photo 024-4_zpsa3bc9513.jpg

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Viva Las Vegas! (Part 3)

The last days of our trip were spent at a pool party at Tao Beach Lounge in The Venetian, shopping at Fashion Show Mall, and clubbing at Marquee Nightclub. This is the ceiling at The Venetian. How amazing is that?!
 photo 103_zps843038e0.jpg

 photo 106_zps68dda960.jpg

 photo 107_zps615dc86c.jpg

The view from the crosswalk heading toward Fashion Show Mall
 photo 131_zps3d7ea624.jpg

 photo 135_zpsed667829.jpg

 photo 140_zps15262570.jpg

 photo 137_zps1f3152d2.jpg

  • top - Zara
  • skirt - H&M
  • blazer - Walmart
What Maya wore:

 photo 136_zpsa0b7b853.jpg

This is the last picture of our last night in Vegas before my camera died.
 photo 143_zps4d63d30c.jpg

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Viva Las Vegas! (Part 2)

Day 2 of Las Vegas consisted of roller coasters, exhibits, more walking (ugh), the pool, and you guessed it: ALCOHOL!
 photo 072_zpsc45c8cc7.jpg

  • top - Old Navy
  • skirt - H&M
  • flats - H&M
  • bag - H&M
  • earrings - thrifted
  • watch - Walmart

 photo 077_zps3da54791.jpg

View of the strip from the crosswalk between MGM and NY, NY
 photo 084_zpsc8714856.jpg

 photo 087_zps84806659.jpg

 photo 092_zps887c939f.jpg

My work table for the duration of my vacation
 photo 061_zps79b29938.jpg

 photo 063_zps4708af85.jpg

 photo 064_zpsd5eeaf30.jpg

 photo IMG_20130330_231028_zps0aa59fa5.jpg

 photo 094_zps93695ebc.jpg

What Maya wore:
 photo 093_zps50b7a333.jpg

Tasty tasty sushi!
 photo 097_zpsa2deaeda.jpg

 photo 099_zps18bd3d64.jpg

 photo 053_zps57f9d419.jpg