Monday, April 8, 2013

Hey Girl Heeey

I was recently informed that I was losing my body inside my clothes and after taking a long look at my blog and my favorite pieces residing in my closet I realized they were right. I felt like I had to hide all the weight I had gained over the past couple of years behind flowy tops, sweaters and jackets in hot weather, and long skirts. I've been passing up awesome pieces I felt like I couldn't wear because my arms, legs, or stomach would show.
After my recent trip to Vegas (which was so desperately needed!) I realized that I'm still hot stuff and I need to show it! I went shopping this past weekend and bought everything I liked and I tossed out the whole "too fat to wear" mentality.

Introducing my spring/summer wardrobe in the making:

Tribal print dress from H&M
 photo IMAG0526_zpsd5385ce5.jpg
Floral dress from Old Navy
 photo IMAG0528_zpsf0c93a38.jpg
Lace crop top from H&M
 photo IMAG0527_zps0b207e86.jpg
Cut out dress from Express
 photo IMAG0529_zps2bfa8778.jpg
Ruffle dress from Walmart
 photo IMAG0531_zpscac759a3.jpg
Button up from Walmart
 photo IMAG0530_zps79b427e4.jpg
Blue pumps from H&M
 photo tumblr_mkwzkmqWuT1qc0grfo1_500_zps80f9ce53.jpg

Low wedge sandals from Old Navy
 photo IMAG05241_zps8ac29165.jpg
Sunglasses from Old Navy
 photo IMAG0525_zps22ef5ba8.jpg
I feel so damn good about summer this year!

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