Saturday, May 4, 2013

I Came To Win

Okay okay I know I said I'd be showing more skin this year but this was for work! Cut me some slack, dammit! Geez, what's with the guilt trip?! I promise in the next post you will see more stretch marks *cough* I mean, skin.
 photo 002-36_zps7b47028a.jpg

 photo 004-39_zps4cdef872.jpg

Oh damn, attack of the duck face. Deal with it.
 photo 005-37_zpsee5e510b.jpg

 photo 006-29_zps2f7bbb27.jpg

 photo 007-30_zpsb6a82b5d.jpg

  • tee - Old Navy
  • skirt - Forever 21
  • shoes - Mandee's
  • blazer - Walmart

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