Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Need Love

Okay, so I'm at the point where I feel like love is not destined for me. As optimistic as I try to be it just seems more and more unrealistic. I always feel like I'm competing against a woman who is, overall, the better woman. It's funny because I follow all of these blogs and every single one has someone special in their lives and it further reminds me that as much as I enjoy the single life, I am not single by choice. Friends tell me that I'll find him when the time is right but truthfully, that's not very reassuring. As desperate as it may sound, I just want to be loved. I want someone who is scared to lose me. I want someone who is mesmerized by my smile and my voice. I want someone who is so incredible that I can't imagine how I lived without them. I'm waiting. Just waiting for that guy to come along because he just HAS to be out there. Or is he?

It's possible that the guy who is meant for me doesn't exist at all.


KayTee said...


Maybe you're not in the right places to find the guy you want. And sometimes you have to approach him yourself. ;)

From what I can tell by your blog, you're a beautiful, creative, stylish girl. There's no way that there's not someone out there looking for you.

Try dating around just for fun. Sometimes you end up finding the guy you want in a guy that you previously wouldn't have considered.

Dreek♥ said...

to be loved is soooo overrated!! get a PUPPY!!..LOL..J/K..go on some blind dates, have some fun! you're young and very pretty!! You should find someone in no time...but thats just it..take your time!

Thanks again for your kind and encouraging words on my post, it mean't a lot to me!!


Dreek♥ said...

I've given you an award!! Check the blog when you get a chance!! Smooches Darling!


Black Butterfly said...

You ladies are fantastic! Thanks for bringing me outta my funk. I tend to have bouts of loneliness at times but I'm good now!

KayTee said...

LMAO Dreek♥ is right. I have 2 puppies and they make me smile without thinking