Thursday, February 10, 2011

Heartbroken to Heartbreaker

I've been single for a long time, since I was 14 actually, and it didn't start to bother me until after I graduated high school. I started to wonder: What exactly do men look for in a woman anyway? Fat ass? Into sports? Can cook a 7 course meal in a thong? I mean, let's face it. None of those traits are things I possess! I have spent quite a while trying to figure out what men demanded of me to make me "datable" and it never exactly worked out with anyone because my true self would always find her way through the act I was trying to work up for the particular man I was talking to at the time. I've recently wasted time on the same guy for almost 3 years and just now had an epiphany: I need to set up my own standards for dating and he needs to match what I'm looking for, not the other way around! Our generation has forgotten that we choose to date so we can find who we're supposed to marry, not who we can fuck for a couple years until the next best thing rolls around. We're too quick to settle for what we kind of want just so we don't end up alone but I'd rather be alone than unsatisfied. I'm the type of girl who wants to lay everything out on the table when we first meet so I don't end up wasting my time on a man who doesn't meet my standards but I caught the "scared of lonely" bug and tried to make exceptions for men who possess "dealbreaking traits" I can't and won't make excuses for a man anymore. If you're not what I'm looking for, bye boy! I've had my feelings hurt too many times and now a broken heart is the ultimate pain I needed to understand that I'm a better woman and I deserve a better man. Guys, if you get your feelings hurt while I'm on the road to happiness, I'm sorry. It's not you, it's me. Well actually it IS you but you get the point! You're not what I'm looking for but there is definitely somebody out there who is looking for exactly what you bring to the table. No exceptions.

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