Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dressed To Impress

Sorry for the slow down in posts. I gave up on life on Monday and decided not to do my hair then it snowed on Tuesday so I wasn't motivated to actually get dressed for either one of those days but I'm back now!

  • striped top - old navy
  • blazer - borrowed (from maya)
  • scarf - dots
  • black skinny jeans - walmart
  • flat ankle boots - walmart
  • earrings - borrowed  (from maya)
Wore this summer dress today but obviously its too cold to wear it as an actual summer dress so I paired it with leggings and boots.

 I like the distressed look on the boots!

  • dress - forever 21
  • belt - forever 21
  • bag - thrifted
  • boots - forever 21
  • earrings - forever 21
I finally redid my inspiration board!!

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