Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Little White Dress

Okay so let's talk.
Since I last posted:
  1. I dyed my hair "Intense Auburn" but it came out more like "Mediocre Auburn"
  2. I lost 2 lbs (I thought I would lose more in a month but hey, baby steps right?)
  3. I got a paper cut today so this is officially the worst day ever.
Moving on, another fun day at the office! Except not. Threw on this little number and showed a little leg. It used to be a dress but then everybody at work shut me down and told me to throw some pants under it next time. THEY DON'T KNOW FASHION! I love my little, white, and apparently trampy dress.

 photo 002-36_zpsd74ac60c.jpg

 photo 008-32_zps86725091.jpg

 photo 005-37_zpsa17b9db3.jpg

 photo 010-32_zps57ebf889.jpg

 photo 007-30_zps1c4501d0.jpg

  • dress - H&M
  • boots - Forever 21
  • belt - Express
  • earrings - Etsy

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