Sunday, February 17, 2013

Baby Bear's 1st Birthday!

Yesterday was my best friend's little brother's birthday (Sheesh that was a mouthful) and we threw him great party! I may have completely ruined my day when I tried to wear this look with a pink blazer and realized it didn't fit because, well let's face it, I'm still big. Enh, moving on. I replaced it with the pink cardigan I got from my mom a few weeks back. I really liked the way it turned out.
 photo 028-8_zps06d3f5f7.jpg

 photo 029-12_zpsc8d33d01.jpg

 photo 032-10_zpsf19ce4de.jpg

 photo 030-6_zps6f913907.jpg

 photo 031-14_zpsd0ca9349.jpg

 photo 037-6_zpsf55fc562.jpg

  • t shirt - Etsy
  • cardigan - vintage
  • jeans - Walmart
  • shoes - Bakers
  • earrings - Aldo
The theme was Mickey Mouse. We had these super cute Mickey Mouse cupcakes and a "smash cake" for the birthday boy!

 photo 001-27_zps0879c5d6.jpg

 photo 012-24_zpsca769a5f.jpg

There was so much food!
 photo 011-24_zps27e33e5c.jpg

 photo 007-30_zpsee64f14a.jpg

 photo 006-29_zps63b0500f.jpg

 photo 008-32_zps87e8c0fb.jpg

I think it's safe to say he enjoyed his birthday AND his cake!
 photo 023-8_zps2929efc7.jpg

I'm off to work so have a happy and relaxing Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Omg, girl this food looks so good! Baby bear really does look like he enjoyed his birthday.

Black Butterfly said...

He really did, haha! Thanks for commenting!