Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Everybody Look At Me, Me!

In my journey to eat healthy and lose a little weight, I took a trip to a local organic grocery store today. I already knew that shopping organic would be a bit pricey but sweet baby Jesus in the manger I don't know how people can afford to shop 100% organic. I'll explain the mini stroke I had in a bit.

Hm, are those orange lips you spy? Yup! Not too bright because I wasn't quite in that kind of mood but I loved the random tint of orange in this outfit.

 photo 002-36_zpsc1ba668e.jpg

 photo 001-27_zps03234ff3.jpg

 photo 005-37_zpsd7ba29ff.jpg

  • top - Express
  • denim - Old Navy
  • loafers - Bakers
  • necklace - Forever 21
  • pearls - Forever 21

Okay, so I bought a bag of apples, a jar of salsa, a spray bottle, and jojoba oil for the ridiculous price of $27.12. AND they had the nerve to tell me I saved 60 cents! Well what about the rest of this damn purchase because this receipt is giving me heart palpitations!
 photo 018-17_zpsc5d7917a.jpg

Now, I'll admit that the jojoba oil is what ruined me but I've been wanting to try it for a long time so whatever.

I can honestly say that as appalled as I was by the prices I can't wait to go back. I think if I go in there with a mission I'll be able to shop smarter but today was just kind of a run through to see what they had.

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