Monday, October 10, 2011

Where Is My Mind?

This is my outfit for work today:

  • Sweater - Walmart
  • Basic white tee - Forever 21
  • Black skirt - South St.
  • Black flats - Payless

Had a BBQ yesterday to celebrate the great weather!



  • olive tank - Forever 21
  • tan belt - Forever 21
  • black maxi skirt - Forever 21
  • tan flats - Bamboo
  • feather earrings - Aldo
  • gold bangles - Walmart
Not going to lie, I had a pretty bleh day today but it feels good to come home and blog to you guys! Love you all very much!

1 comment:

The droid you're looking for said...

SINCE my comment didn't post last night, i'm going to try it again.
I can see your hair so much better in the video and I must say it looks great. All that hard work you put towards that head is well worth it! Also, I'm loving the olive tank top..I might have to steal it..when I get implants that is <<see that was the joke..hahahaha :)