Sunday, September 30, 2012

You Drive Me Crazy

I've recently been obsessed with the Britney 2.0 episode of Glee so you will all deal with today's title post. Anyway, I celebrated a friend's birthday at a bar last night. (Thank God these were snapped before the liquor)

Dammit, Karima! Wait 'til I'm looking at the camera!


  • blazer - thrifted
  • black top - Express
  • jeans - Walmart
  • boots - H&M
  • earrings - SymfoniAja
  • lipstick - Wine Not by Revlon
Big Spender Part 2 is coming soon!


Chantelovesbeauty said...

I Like the look those purple pants are bomb for fall

Black Butterfly said...

Thanks! I love the color!!