Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Hair Story Continues...


 It seems like I'm learning new ways to care for my hair every single day ever since I decided to wear my naturally curly hair and I absorb it happily but it would be a bold faced lie if I didn't admit that, once again, I'm frustrated.

My hair is SO dry despite the normal hair care regimen that I've been doing (and has been working) to keep it moisturized. I don't know what the cause is for the sudden decrease in moisture but I had this same exact issue this time last year and my hair suffered TERRIBLY from it. I don't want to lose the hair that I've worked very hard to make healthy and strong over something as simple as moisture.

As I type this, my hair has been freshly co-washed, moisturized (with water, of course), and sealed. Only this time, I used a liquid based product (Shea Moisture hydrating/shine mist), an oil based product (EVOO), and a cream based product (Bio Infusion leave-in conditioner) then braided up (I also sprayed Brazilian Keratin oil spray) and wrapped in a satin scarf.  I learned this method from BlackOnyx77 on YouTube to get maximum moisturized results (I sound like an infommerical) which she called the "LOC" method.

I'll update you guys tomorrow when I check my hair but I'm crossing my fingers! If any of you have ANY tips, tricks, advice, ANYTHING............please let me know. I'm desperate!

Help save my 'fro!

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