Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chocolate & Pretty Pink Bows

One thing I always noticed, I don't like my nails to match my outfits. They have to be totally off the wall crazy compared to my outfit. IDK I guess I'm weird like that *no shame*

Me and my sister took a trip to Walmart for a few items (which, of course, turned into 70 billion items we didn't need!) and I picked this outfit. However, by the end of the trip my toes were killing me! I think I may need to break these flats in a little more!

  • brown/pink top - mandee's
  • jeans w/ zipper detailing - forever 21
  • pink bow flats - forever 21
  • flower earrings - forever 21
  • pink headband - forever 21

 Purchased more makeup:

That nail polish on the end is called Flat Iron Green. Its GORGEOUS!

Got a new scarf too!

From top to bottom:

  • Envy by Wet N Wild (eyeliner)
  • Mocha by NYC (lipstick)
  • Mint by Jordana (eyeliner)
  • Prospect Pink by NYC (lip gloss)

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