Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Open Mic Night

My sister has a thing for singing and she's pretty good at it. Last night we went to her first open mic night since she got back from living in Minnesota for a year and she basically kicked ass. Yup, we've got a star in the making here!

Why do I look so pale??? 

  • black long sleeve tee - forever 21
  • jeans - forever 21
  • shoes - rugged wearhouse
  • shoulder purse - express
  • leopard print earrings - rugged wearhouse
I also ran into my old friend Marcus and he looked TOO sharp so I snapped a couple pics of his outfit too!

Here are a couple pics from my sister's performance. Ladies and gentlemen I'd like to present to you the sweetest voice you've never heard: Kari!!!!

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