Friday, March 11, 2011

Blue Alert

Another open mic night for my sister. This time she played for a slightly different crowd (okay a lot different) and, of course, she killed it once again! I've been waiting to wear this blue blazer since I found it at Goodwill last month. My favorite part about it? When I cuff the sleeves, it shows a beautiful purple color. Unfortunately the rain got to my hair by the time we took these pictures but I don't think it looks too bad, do you?

  • blazer - thrifted
  • mineral wash jeans - target
  • flat ankle boots - walmart
  • basic striped tee - walmart
  • earrings - forever 21
  • clutch - vintage (my mom gave it to me)

My sister really liked my eye makeup but I made a blank face when she snapped the picture.

(WHOA! clearly someone needs her eyebrows done! ^^^)

What Karima wore:

^^^ She so pwetty!

The detailing of this top is beautiful!

 She is such a sneaker head!

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