Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy Birthday 'Murica

Atlantic City on 4th of July was........interesting.  Something tells me I would have enjoyed it better over the weekend but overall I had a good time.

Packing for the trip!
 photo tumblr_mpex12GRc91qc0grfo1_500_zps0a272bf2.jpg

On our way!
 photo 023_zpseddccc9d.jpg

Relaxing in the hot tub (Relax, the pool was indoors!)
 photo 038_zps460f2678.jpg

 photo 056_zpsccb9a510.jpg

 photo 048_zpsfd0a0162.jpg

 photo 053_zpsd88914a6.jpg

 photo tumblr_mpfqvj77Vr1qc0grfo1_500_zps7127d15e.jpg

 photo 047_zps8e03f493.jpg

 photo 050_zps28444786.jpg

  • dress - Target
  • shoes - Target
  • clutch - thrifted

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