Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Single Girl Problems

I have never found myself getting dressed up in the hopes that a guy notices me until now....

Its super annoying to feel this way, by the way.

I feel like I've been lacking in male attention for a little too long and I've been single for much longer.

Now what's interesting is I know I could give any guy the green light and he'd be over here in 10 minutes.

Unfortunately, for them, I'm not into the whole friends with benefits, casual dating, looking for a little fun until something better comes along, song and dance. It's exhausting.

See, contrary to popular belief, dating is actually meant to aid you in the search of finding that special person you would like to marry. (fight me if you disagree.)

So excuse me if I want to weed out the crazies, phonies, and the all around lames as quickly as possible because as fun as it's been being single these past couple of years, I'm officially over it.

Over it.

Over. It.

And the struggle continues...

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